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"Consumer warnings" about Adya Clarity: Has Mike Adams had ...

RESPECTFUL INSOLENCE ... that the rock that contained the most abundant minerals is black mica. Black mica (also known as biotite) is found in a wide variety of igneous and metamorphic rocks. ... Adya Clarity, a mineral solution based on MICA (one of the most plentiful mineral substances on earth.) works in the same way, and its claims are not ...

"Black Mica Extract" - What Do People Say About Adya Clarity?

As of my first letter to you, I´m also fully convinced that this is absolutely the campaign to bring Adya Clarity down. It´s a bit special that I was sensing this was just about to happen shortly after I got my delivery and combed the internet after all I could find about Black Mica, Thermarox and Adya Clarity.

"Black Mica Extract" - Adya Clarity Myths vs. Facts

When asked about the aluminum in Adya Clarity, our Health Canadian consultant gave this response: "In regards to Aluminum Sulfate this is a component of Black Mica …

The Black Mica Mineral and its Uses - YouTube

Jul 16, 2018· The Many Health Benefits of Black Mica, known as the black mineral or biotite, this black mineral is gaining lots of attention mainly because of its health benefits and its ease of use. After a ...

Adya Inc.'s Matt Bakos Breaks the Silence, Responds to ...

Apr 27, 2012· Adya Clarity is made from an extract of black mica, a common mineral and purified water. "There exists plenty of scientific evidence concerning the efficacy of the constituent parts of black mica extract," says founder Matthew Bakos. "When used as directed, there is no evidence anywhere to suggest that Adya Clarity is harmful to consumers.

Black Mica Wholesale - Adya Clarity Lab Test Results ...

Facts regarding Ferric Sulfate, Aluminum Sulfate and many other minerals that have come from Mica and volcanic activity, through aquifers to the springs of the Earth, in the form of inorganic sulfates since the dawn of time. The true essence of good fresh water in nature is the salts that are in them.

Black Mica

Nov 30, 2014· Adya Clarity and Black Mica has the ability to dissolved the contaminants in the water and provide your body with complete mineral that your body require.With the help of Black Mica, you can be sure that all the bacteria that are present in your water will be completely eliminated.

Benefits of Black Mica | Healthfully

Sep 16, 2011· Adya Clarity is a Para-magnetic sulfate mineral solution that is extracted from the rarest, most mineral rich Biotite/Black Mica volcanic deposit in Japan. A proprietary acid sulfate process is ...

Adya Clarity® Myths vs. Facts

Adya Clarity® Myths vs. Facts ... "In regards to Aluminum Sulfate this is a component of Black Mica which we have clearly listed on the product label. The Aluminum Sulfate is not an issue for several reasons: a) it is a very, very small trace amount but more importantly b) we did not base a claim off of aluminum sulfate and black mica has ...

David Wolfe Adya Clarity - Benefits of Privilege

Mar 08, 2012· The Black Mica in David Wolfe's view, Known also as Biotite, the black mica is believed to be the most mineral packed rock. Discovered by Dr Shimanishi north of Tokyo in the 1960's, he realized that the black mica extract had healing power. All the research indicate that people who drink mineralized water or eat vegetables grown with this kind of water fell nurtured and full of life, not ...

Dr. Shimanishi - Living Mica Waters

Dr. Asao Shimanishi (see video below) of Tokyo is a noted scientist and an authority on water in Japan. His clients include major Japanese manufacturers like Toyota, Hitachi and Matsushita. He patented the extraction of balanced, ionized minerals from Black Mica in a solution called acid sulfate.

Benefits of Black Mica | HealthGuidance

Oct 08, 2015· For use as a water purification method, black mica is sold under the name 'Adya Clarity' and this is where much of the controversy is focused. The claim made by the company's marketing campaign is that a single drop of black mica powder can purify any water on Earth. This is of course a rather bold claim that is completely unfounded.

Adya Clarity - The Truth about how and why it works ...

Adya Clarity - The truth about this highly controversial product. Adya Carity is a patented, concentrated ionic mineral solution extracted from biotite mica with sulfuric acid. The process provides a blend of at least 22 mineral salts in their sulfate form - used for the removal of a variety of contaminants from water.

Clarity | Adya Clarity

Mar 14, 2015· • Adya Clarity™ (Black Mica) transforms your water into living, oxygenated, fresh tasting mineral water with toxins removed. Adya Clarity™ cleans up all the impurities. • Adya Clarity™ Black Mica can be taken to restaurants and hotels to purify and detoxify the water. is the Master Distributor for Adya Clarity ... is the Master Distributor for Adya Clarity™ Ionic Mineral Solutions and water filtration systems

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Black Mica Extract, Los Angeles, CA. 1.6K likes. Ionic minerals to purify water on a molecular level. Portable, easy, effective. Remove/reduce bacteria, heavy metals ...

Black Mica Extract - ADYA CLARITY

Adya Clarity™ is a Para-magnetic sulfate mineral solution that is extracted from the rarest, most mineral rich Biotite/Black Mica volcanic deposit in Japan. A proprietary acid sulfate process is used to perfectly extract the elements from the Black Mica that are made 100% bioavailable.

Consumer alert: Black mica extract, Adya Clarity still ...

NaturalNews to take legal action against Adya Clarity to halt importation and distribution We are in discussions with a law firm for the purpose of taking legal action against Adya Clarity in order to protect the public interest and halt to the importation and marketing of Adya / black mica extract. We soon expect to announce additional details ...

Black Mica Extract - How do I use Adya Clarity

Black Mica Extract - This page explains how to use Adya Clarity. Basic use is: add 5 drops Adya per cups of water, mix well, and drink up.

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